Can You Eliminate My Timeshare Burden?

At Seaside Consultants, our consumer advocates are trained to establish whether or not your timeshare representative used misrepresentation and/or high-pressured sales tactics to persuade you to buy your timeshare. Before we accept your case, we must conduct a very thorough and systematic, step-by-step process to qualify you, the timeshare owner, for legal termination. Should we accept your case, we will use the misrepresentations as leverage to exit your timeshare burden.

Am I Eligible?

If you have ever been the victim of fraud, misrepresentation, or high-pressure sales tactics, you may qualify for timeshare relief. However, each case is different and we must analyze them separately. To see if you qualify, contact us today for a free consultation. Call NOW at 888-890-7678

How Do I Get Started?

The first step of our process is to speak to a Specialist. They will walk you through our process and begin building a case for you. We must document specific details regarding your timeshare ownership and identify all misleading, high-pressure tactics used to manipulate your purchase of the timeshare. Once we document the necessary information, your specialist will arrange a consultation with a Senior Analyst to explore your options.

Will This Hurt My Credit?

We have a highly effective process in place that is designed to protect your credit. Your credit is as important to us as it is to you.

Why Choose Seaside Consultants?

At Seaside Consultants, our team of consumer advocates will work effectively and diligently on your behalf. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and, through many yeas of experience and our proven process, have received an A+ business rating. You can look us up on the BBB website as proof that we are a legitimate and professional company. We put our clients first and provide them with advocacy that best suits their timeshare burden.

How Long Does This Take?

Each case is different and our team must tailor their approach to each specific case. The process typically takes 12 to 18 months to terminate a timeshare agreement entirely. Some cases may take up to 24 months to complete.

How Much Does This Cost?

As consumer advocates, we pride ourselves on how we collaborate with our consumers. We seek the best solution for your financial situation. We must document what your ownership consists of and how your timeshare representative misled you leading up to the binding of your timeshare contract. Our team will build a strategy and take appropriate action based on the information that we gather. A Senior Analyst will determine your options and provide you with a reasonable quote on your fees.

Is Seaside Consultants Group a Law Firm?

Seaside Consultants Group is not a law firm. We gather data from our clients regarding any misrepresentations and unethical sales practices that took place in the negotiation of your timeshare agreement. Our team of consumer advocates will then build a case to legally exit your timeshare.

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If you are ready to legally exit your timeshare, our team of professional consumer advocates may be able to help.

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