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Timeshare Relief

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Get Out of Your Timeshare Burden Today!

If you’re a victim of unethical, high-pressure sales tactics, or if the timeshare was misrepresented in any way, we may be able to help. Many timeshare owners, like you, have successfully achieved timeshare freedom. Get your free consultation now!


Seaside Consultants specializes in timeshare burden relief. We will work on your behalf to legally exit your timeshare while protecting your credit. Call us today for a free consultation.

Our Services


Seaside Consultants consists of a team of professional caseworkers, specialists, and analysts that operate under a proven method that ensures a legal exit strategy from your timeshare contract(s) while protecting your credit.


State Law

Seaside Consultants has a vast knowledge of state timeshare laws in all 50 states. This means, our legal team can advise you on a timeshare contract that originates anywhere nationwide. We will work diligently to alleviate your timeshare burden.

State-By-State Laws


All of us here at Seaside Consultants are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Review our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to see if you can find your answer there. Otherwise, please call us at 888-636-4476. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Want Relief From Your Timeshare Burden?

We do not buy timeshares

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We do not list timeshares

If you are ready to legally exit your timeshare, our team of professional consumer advocates may be able to help.

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