1) Simple Documentation

First things first, we need to establish the facts. One of our Specialists will work with you to complete some documentation. We will be gathering basic information from your timeshare paperwork, like the purchase dates, point values, and loan information. We will also document what exactly happened during your experiences with the timeshare developer.

2) Free Consultation

Our analyst will consult with all parties on the timeshare contract to make sure that we have an absolute 100% accurate representation of the facts and that everyone has a 100% understanding of the timeshare cancellation process. In most cases, our analyst will then finally present your case to our Senior Leadership Team for consideration. If you qualify, your analyst will then be able to explain what your options are.

3) Timeshare Cancellation

Client Services will begin the timeshare cancellation process with a call to congratulate and welcome you! They’ll initiate the credit protection program and assign you an attorney. Shortly thereafter you’ll hear from your assigned attorney, complete some paperwork with them, and they will start working! Most cases are completed within 8-12 months (6 months if you’re lucky) with more complex cases taking upwards of 18-24 months.

Sure it sounds easy… But what do our clients have to say about the process?

Seaside Consultants were great to work with. They were responsive, and always patient with our many questions. They explained what would happen each step of the way, and were very upfront with their fee schedule. They have turned the nightmare that was [the timeshare] around for us.

Seaside Consultants Group is the BEST EVER!!! They were extremely successful in helping me get my Timeshares cancelled within a short period of time. The customer service was second to none. They stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process and ensured that I was informed of every single step of the cancellation process. Without them I would still be losing money with the timeshares that I never used…

They helped me get out of my Timeshare . . . Seaside, along with their lawyer group was able to negotiate a deal. I still can’t believe I will be free of this very unfortunate nightmare

They [offer] great services with fast respon[se] time[s] and proactive follow ups. I appreciate that they are always on top of things and keep me updated on every step of the way! Thank you! I’m very happy to get rid of [the timeshare]. It was a nightmare having to pay expensive maintenance fee[s]. Thank you again for Seaside’s help!

Seaside Consultants Group

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