DeeD F.

"Responsive, and always patient with our many questions"
"Seaside Consultants were great to work with. They were responsive, and always patient with our many questions. They explained what would happen each step of the way, and were very upfront with their fee schedule. They have turned the nightmare that was our timeshare around for us."

Thomas Ferman

"They have been a blessing"
"Seaside Consultants Group has been awesome to work with. Each step of the way, they have been responsive to questions. They take the time to explain the process, and what to expect. They were upfront about fees. Even now, after all was settled, there was a minor glitch with how [our developer] decided to report on our credit reports; but SCG has answered questions and worked to get it all resolved. Would definitely refer friends. They have been a blessing!"

Heidi D.

"Came through for me when I needed them most"
"Seaside consultants really came through for me when I needed them most. While still early in the process of getting rid of my timeshare nightmare, I found that it was reporting negatively on my credit. This was a huge problem as I was in the process of buying my first home. Seaside consultants came through while I was in a time crunch and removed that blight from my credit in time for me to close on the home.I am very grateful that they were so responsive to my needs and felt my urgency."

Donald & Elizabeth E.

"Everyone was very pleasant and polite"
"Great Service through the course of the whole thing. I dealt with 3 - 4 different people and everyone was very pleasant and polite. Everyone was great to work with. When friends asked if we will be using the timeshare this year and we stated no because we are out of the timeshare ownership they were blown away that Seaside Consultants Group have succeeded."

Edward & Pamela E.

"Seaside Consultants Group took care of everything"
"We were very satisfied with the services. We did not have to do anything and it was taken care of within a year. As far as our credit goes that was taken care of too. It did appear on our credit at first but was removed in a timely fashion. Seaside Consultants Group took care of everything."

Doris A.

"We are very relieved to be out of the timeshare"
"We are very relieved to be out of the timeshare. I am very happy that we can get our life back and get our financial situation back again. My husband didn’t think that Seaside Consultants Group would be able to get us out of the timeshare. I said to him that we must trust Seaside Consultants Group and I am very glad we did. I am very satisfied and pleased with the services and just glad the timeshare is out of our hair."

David G. & Beverly M.

"Very pleased with the services"
"Very satisfied with services. I do understand that the process takes time so it was not an issue for me. When you deal with Developers like that they want to drag their feet and I completely understand. My wife was a bit agitated and concerned but I told her to stay patient and everything worked out. Very pleased with the services. Seaside Consultants Group staff are very polite and very nice people. Overall it was a good experience."

Shanshan S.

"They are always on top of things"
"They offered great services with fast respond time and proactive follow ups. I appreciate that they are always on top of things and keep me updated on every step of the way! Thank you! I'm very happy to get rid of the timeshare. It was a nightmare having to pay expensive maintenance fee. Thank you again for Seaside's help!"

Mandie L.

"This was a good experience"
"Seaside Consultants Group were very helpful in getting me out of my timeshare ownership. The process was long but when I had questions or concerns they answered promptly. This was a good experience."

Katrina P.

"When I thought all hope was lost, a bright light shown through"
"I am thrilled to report that I am very satisfied with Seaside Consultants Group! They helped me get out of my timeshare which is an insatiable timeshare to work with and try to leave. It was a very exhausting and lengthy process and right when I thought all hope was lost, a bright light shown through and Seaside, along with their lawyer group was able to negotiate a deal. I still can't believe I will be free of this very unfortunate nightmare. Thank you very much Seaside Consultants!"

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