If you want to cancel a timeshare that you purchased in Mexico, Seaside Consultants Group can help. Our specialists, analysts, and team of professionals have ample experience with timeshare cancellation even in Mexico. Our team of professionals’ knowledge of Mexican law allows us to cancel your timeshare contract legally and permanently without negatively impacting your credit.

Unfortunately, developers dupe many people into signing timeshare contracts in Mexico that they do not understand. Laws in Mexico exist to protect consumers against fraud or deception, and it’s crucial that people comply with consumer-protection laws if they want to cancel timeshare contracts in Mexico.

Developers will not easily roll over and cede to demands to cancel the timeshare contract. They may mislead the consumer, indicating that once the buyer signs the contract, there is no way to cancel. In cases where the timeshare developer relied upon fraud, misrepresentation, unethical sales practices, and deception to close the sale, Mexican laws that protect consumers can result in the cancellation of the timeshare contract.

Those without proper representation as they attempt to cancel the timeshare contract in Mexico may remain liable for their timeshare, including special assessment fees, maintenance fees, and high-interest rate loans. And if it wasn’t bad enough, these liabilities are passed down to any heirs.

If you want to cancel your timeshare in Mexico, do not hesitate another day. Time is everything. The sooner you contact Seaside Consultants Group, the sooner our specialists, analysts, and team of professionals can begin working for you. We will protect you and your rights, and we will shield you from all future liabilities.

Contact us today and we will begin working to cancel the timeshare that you purchased in Mexico. Our team of professionals at Seaside Consultants Group is licensed to work in all 50 states and has seen great success canceling timeshare contracts in Mexico.

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